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Welcome to iCodes (established in 2008), we are a database of online deals which can be accessed via a powerful API containing merchants, coupon codes and offers taken from the top affiliate networks feeds, including start / expiry dates, titles, descriptions, categories, merchant id’s,program id’s, merchant logos, merchant urls and your built affiliate urls.

We automatically import and tidy the coupon codes and offers from the network feeds, then do further manual editing and categorization. Your affiliate IDs are then automatically added to the feeds ready for you to import directly into your website.

If we cannot import the deals from the networks for whatever the reason (such as us being rejected), you can enter your network API details and we can import the missing offers. You also have the option of adding a missing offer manually which will go exclusively in your feeds.

Important – Before using iCodes it’s required that you are joined to at least one network – CLICK HERE

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Some great news,  we now accept crypto currencies to pay for subscriptions at $3 per day.

Simply send your chosen amount to the wallet addresses below.
Your account will updated accordingly once the transaction has been successfully confirmed.
(Please include your iCodes username in the NOTES)

Bitcoin - 1542tT945mtEiFXJuoxWC7kTjSuEAbksTQ

Ethereum - 0x05E1F9B8bcFc854D72C3180e42c56440156F31F1

Litecoin - LTzXhv4yo6i89UvbRtu1VPwbPXX3DAURM6

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Important, please double check you are sending the correct
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